Weddings Are Back, Just Smaller…


Weddings have always been an interictal part of our summer business.  It’s one of the great things about running an executive car service — the honor of being a small part of some very special occasions.  But by mid-March, Ohio started shutting down due to the pandemic.  All large gatherings were ordered to cancel, and that included weddings. Covid-19 had jilted both bride and groom and left them standing at the alter together, but alone.

But by mid-July love had found a way, and many couples called to reschedule service.  Weddings were definitely back on, just smaller. And from what I’ve seen, smaller means more intimate and less stress.  And with only the most important people in attendance, definitely more personal and romantic!

I drove bride Julie, her mom and toddler daughter to a beautiful gazebo at Miller Park in Avon Lake, overlooking Lake Erie.  Julie married her longtime best friend Paul, in a heartfelt ceremony with only 10 family members in attendance.  But it couldn’t have been more beautiful, or more romantic.

Groom Eric confided that he and his fiancé were quiet, private people. And with the expectation of hosting a big, expensive wedding removed, they actually felt relieved.  They married in late July at a lovely family home with only immediate family in attendance.  But most important, their grandparents felt safe to attend.

So congratulations to all the newlyweds who have decided to honor their love and reimagine their wedding plans for summer of 2020!


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